Global Right to Information Rating Map

Country Rating Results
TOP 10
Serbia 135
Slovenia 129
India 128
Liberia 124
El Salvador 122
Sierra Leone 122
South Sudan 120
Mexico 117
Maldives 116
Azerbaijan 115

Mozambique 0
Austria 37
Liechtenstein 39
Tajikistan 49
Germany 52
Jordan 53
Italy 57
Taiwan 58
Dominican Republic 59
Belgium 59

Latest News
Entrenching RTI: An Analysis of Constitutional Protections of the Right to Information
30 March, 2015

A comparative report on international andcomparative constitutional guarantees of the right toinformation. The report is part of CLD’s ongoing workto support right to information reform in Egypt. At the same time, the standards outlined in the report are relevant to any country undergoing constitutional reform in this area. It outlines international standards in this area, and… Read More »